Spitsvuur Boerboels, breeders of Boerboels, or the African Mastiff, for export of healthy puppies and mature dogs all over the world.


South African National Boerboel Championships 11 November 2009.

The National show is the highlight of the Boerboel year and everybody looks forward with great anticipation to see what the breed has to offer. This year was no exception and the spectators were treated to class after class of the best dogs imaginable. The judging this year was much better than last year, although the first few classes and at the end, was again, like last year, very hard to see the reasoning behind the placings. The great majority of the classes however, was placed logically and to the approval of the onlookers.

Grand Championship Titles unattainable

Spitsvuur have just sold all our females over two years and with our best male, Pavarotti, not competing because he won the Grand Champion title before, and Otto and Brollocks dead, we knew that we did not stand a chance to compete for the Grand Champion titles.

9 Dogs = 9 Medals, 3 Trophies, 2 Ribbons

We took nine dogs to the show and won nine medals, three trophies and two ribbons. We did not compete in the senior classes.

3rd for Spitsvuur Modder

Spitsvuur Modder, in the youngest male class, is an outstanding and impressive youngster that I believed would surely win his class. When I entered the ring, I thought he would easily win, but the judges thought differently and placed him third. That was our biggest disapointment. He is a Brollocks x Spitsvuur Maja son.

2nd for Spitsvuur Ramkat, 3rd for Spitsvuur Max

Estna (my wife) adopted Spitsvuur Ramkat, a black son of Pavarotti as her own, and we had a private competition amongst ourselves between her Ramkat and my Spitsvuur Max. A few weeks before the show I told her that there is nothing to beat Ramkat. When we entered the ring I realized that there was indeed one to beat Ramkat and told her so. In that class Ramkat came second and Max came third.

Win for Mango & 3rd for Doedie

Now came the classes where the dogs were old enough to show what they were made of. We entered two dogs, Mango and Doedie in the one Junior female class and Mango won that very strong class with Doedie third. Doedie was still sucling her litter, so it was a major achievement for her.

2nd for Spitsvuur Uil

The next class Spitsvuur Uil was entered and he came second to the eventual  Grand Champion of the day. He was by far the dog with the best muscling, head and bone and he was about 30% heavier than the second heaviest in the class.

Win for Maranata Jamu

In the next class we entered Maranata Jamu, a Pavarotti daughter and she again won her class. Another son of Pavarotti, bred and owned by the van Dalens, also won his class.

Junior Champion Title for Mango

Mango went on to win the Junior Champion title and she even won the Reserve Grand Champion title as well.

“Moving closer to our ideal each year”

The prizes we won, the comments from the spectators and from fellow breeders, and the impressions we got from comparing our dogs to the rest of the breed, gave us tremendous encouragement that we are on the right track. Our dogs are already moving in the direction we want to go with them, and with a lot of hard work and dedication, we might move closer to our ideal each year.


September 2009

posted Jun 29, 2010 5:34 AM by Casper Labuschagne

Free State Provincial Boerboel Championships 5 September 2009.

We took eight dogs to the show and won eight prizes and a few championships as well. In the sub junior classes our male Spitsvuur Maverick, bred the two Champions for the Labuschagne family. He is a litter mate to our Spitsvuur Maja.
For us the highlight of the day was the fact that Spitsvuur Ramkat, our young black male, won his class and went on to become the reserve sub junior champion as well. Spitsvuur Uil won his class and so did Great Lakes Mango and Bullet Otto Fouchee.
At that stage we did not know it yet, but it was to be the last time that Otto was seen on a show track. In a strong class of senior males he proved to be too much for the opposition and easily won. He was so extremely impressive and correct that people just kept coming back and complementing him. The general feeling was that he would walk away with the National Champion trophy this year after being extremely unfortunate to miss it last year. Unfortunately he died a few days before the Nationals.
Mango went on to win the Junior Champion Female title and she also won the Grand Champion female title. Otto won the Senior Champion male title and the Grand Champion male title.
All in all it was a very satisfying day for us with the highlight our black male, Ramkat, that was called “sensational” by the spectators.


8 September 2007

posted Jun 29, 2010 5:31 AM by Casper Labuschagne

North West Provincial Boerboel Championships 8 September 2007.

Spitsvuur took four dogs to the show and did fairly well by winning three reserve championships. The greatest disappointment of the show was that Kwaadkat was not even placed and we had hopes that she would be very hard to beat.


15 September 2007

posted Jun 29, 2010 3:00 AM by Casper Labuschagne

Free State Provincial Boerboel Championships 15 September 2007.

Spitsvuur took six dogs to the show and again the results were good. We won two championships and a few first and second prizes. The best result (for us) was the second prize to the champion, that a daughter of Pavarotti was awarded. She was very young and undeveloped for her class, but the judges commented that she was the “one with the best construction, but still too undeveloped”. Pavarotti’s progeny is indeed very, very promising.


17 November 2007

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updated Jun 29, 2010 5:30 AM]

South African National Boerboel Championships 17 November 2007.

Venue: Parys

This great occasion was staged in a large indoor show arena in Parys, a holiday town on the banks of the Vaal River. The show winners of all the provincial championships were eligible to compete in this show.

High Show Standards

The high standards of the provincial shows convinced me that the dogs must be in a slightly better condition than usual and they must be easy to handle. The little bit of effort put into that paid off, for the day turned out to be an excellent one for Spitsvuur.

Pavarotti wins Senior Champion Male Title

We only took four dogs to the show and the first class that we competed in was the males >24 months old. Pavarotti, one of the very youngest in the class and Bito was entered in an extremely strong class. Although Pavarotti was considered by many to be the easy winner, the quality of a few other dogs made me certain that I would not feel bad if he did not make it. The fact that there were a large number of dominant mature males in the class, made trotting impossible, and that lessened his chances of winning, because his strongest point is his movement. Fortunately he was awarded first prize and went on to win the Senior Champion title. Pavarotti had to wait for the final class of the day before he could compete for the Grand Champion Male title, which he duly won. Pavarotti was such a favorite with the crowd that when he entered the ring on a trot for the last class, he got a loud cheer from the crowd.

Xara wins Sub-Junior Female Championship

In the female classes Xara (a daughter of Spitsvuur Mandaat) won her class and went on to win the Sub-Junior Female Championship for Spitsvuur. That was a pleasant surprise because she was not a clear winner.

Nartjie awarded Senior Championship Title

The senior female classes were the important ones left and we had we had high hopes for Nartjie. She was looking good and with her very pleasant personality and fine movement, we hoped for the best, despite the fact that she was a bit too large. She won her class and came against very strong competition for the championship title. When she was awarded the Senior Championship title it was a wonderful feeling that was just enhanced when she went on to win the Grand Champion Female title as well.

A Spectacular Day for Spitsvuur

Spitsvuur Boerboels ended the day with both the National Grand Champion Male as well as Female and 5 of the 8 National Championship trophies.
The only problem with such a comprehensive win, off course, is that it is not possible to do better, and the alternative is not too attractive!

Extremely High Quality of Dogs

The quality of the dogs exhibited was extremely high and the breeders all deserve to be congratulated. Although the dogs were not asked to trot, there were a good few that showed their abilities and it was really impressive. Overall the dogs showed very good temperaments and, although it is logic to assume the aggressive and shy dogs were left at home, it was very encouraging to see the top dogs showing that behavior.

Appreciation to the Organisers

To the organizers we owe a large thank you. Everything went smooth and it was well organized. The six judges did their work efficiently and the points system, where each judge independently hands in his / her scorecard, apparently worked well.
All in all it was a very good day for the Boerboel breed.


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