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Middelpos Tankwa

middelpos tankwa 6716 (2)

middelpos tankwa 6716 (3)

Middelpos Tankwa. (85,6%) Stud register. Hips 0-0. Elbows 0-0. Shoulder height 67 cm.

Groenberg Rambo x Middelpos Trix. Middelpos Tankwa is a full brother to the famous Middelpos Alfa.

Middelpos Tankwa resembles his brother Middelpos Alfa very closely. He is well sized with a good head, neck, top and legs. He is very well put together and he moves very well. His hair is slightly longer than normal.

Middelpos Tankwa is a lively, active, agile dog with a good temperament and easy to work with.