Spitsvuur Boerboels, breeders of Boerboels, or the African Mastiff, for export of healthy puppies and mature dogs all over the world.

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Spitsvuur Boerboels is a major role player in the Boerboel breeding in South Africa and world wide. The quality of our dogs is apprent in their show results, the prominent positions on the Top 50 list for high scoring dogs, and the client testimonials. * Boerboels, or like some people say, the South African Mastiff, are large, strong Mastiff type dogs. Boerboels are bred in South Africa as companions and guard dogs, and the Molosser type temperament of the Boerboel is very stable as indicated by temperament testing. Boerboel Registration is done by SABBA (or SABT) and they see to the scoring of the dogs to determine the quality. For export to the Eastern Bloc countries we use KUSA as the registering authority for the Boerboels. All our breeding dogs are hip, elbow and DNA tested, and extremely strong selection for temperament and conformation are done.


Appraisal Heilbron 2/6/12.

On Saturday I took Spitsvuur Magic for a re-score. Although he had 95.5% and I was satisfied with that, I always felt he was the best Boerboel I ever saw, and therefore I wanted to give him another chance to get a better score. Fortunately we had three senior appraisers present (excluding me), but understandably enough, no one was keen on exposing themselves to the criticism of beiing the one that appraised a dog very high. In the end one did it and when the calculations were done, and the score came out at 98.5%, there were general concern that it was so high. They came to me and asked me to bring him into the ring again so that all three could appraise him together. I overheard the first appraiser asking the others to to “help find items where we could lower the score.” They went through the whole scorecard and did find one item that lowered his score to 98.2%. All three agreed that there was nothing else that they could do: That was the correct score for him. Magic is such a wonderful example of the breed. While holding him, I realised that there was nothing I could do to make him look better. He did everything by himself. Magic – you made us proud.

Spitsvuur Dolos. (82.6%)

Spitsvuur Dolos left few Spitsvuur progeny, but he left Spitsvuur Uil, that left quite a few good ones.


Spitsvuur Uil (91%)

Spitsvuur Uil was a large dog that bred some good ones before being exported to Norway.

Another old stud: Caberet Klein Buks (87.1%)

Caberet Klein Buks was a very valuable link to the size, balance and character that we were looking for. He is also the grandfather of Caberet Pavarotti. He left a few extremely influencial Spitsvuur progeny.


The source of strength: Spitsvuur Mandaat. (85%)

Spitsvuur Mandaat, a son of Klein Buks, left greats like Radja, the mother of Spitsvuur Ramkat, and sons like Spitsvuur Dolos. He bred very uniform and impressive progeny.

Another great of yesteryear: Bullet otto Fouchee. (90.3%) South African National Reserve Champion Boerboel.

Bullet Otto Fouchee contributed to the high quality of the Spitsvuur dogs and he left some outstanding progeny.


An oldtimer: Avontuur Boela. (86%)

Avontuur Boela was an important lingk in the Spitsvuur history. Despite the fact that he could not compete with the modern dogs as far as head, muscle and bone are concerned, he brought the correctness and finish that are so neccessary for good movement.

One of the greats of the Boerboel breed: Caberet Pavarotti (93.3%) South African National Champion.


Caberet Pavarotti was one of the very best producers of top quality males and females for the Boerboel breed that we have ever had. He set a new standard for the Boerboel with his progeny that was of outstanding quality.

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